Sunday, February 17, 2013

Nibbles and bits.

When she finds barrettes on the floor, she brings them to you and then sits very still while you put them in.

She has suddenly stopped saying 'bye-bye' and now is just sort of offhandedly like, Bye. But she has started waving frantically while saying 'hi,' as though she hasn't seen you in ages. We do it to each other from across the room. Hi! Hi! Hi!

The water in my water bottle is much, much better than the water in hers.

Her favorite new game is Putting Things on Things. The things she puts on the other things more often than not fall off, but she is very persistent.

She has figured out that the grey people walking in front of us on the sidewalk are us. Hi, shadow! Hi!


Reading Rambo said... did you get that barrette on her head?

Reading Rambo said...


nara said...

Same question -- not to mock her adorable baldishness, but what is that barette barette-ing to?

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