Sunday, July 21, 2013

Good thing they're durable.

Eleanor burned her wrist today helping me cook. She likes to sprinkle salt on the whatever, and she got too close to the pan.

The burn is on the same hand as the thumb knuckle she gouged out the other day at the pool.

That is, unfortunately, her sucking thumb, which has made self-soothing challenging. Her knuckles on the other hand are scraped up from the same fall.

Later that day, she went to the park with her daddy and was startled into flight by some puppies she was petting. A startled Eleanor exits with more speed than grace.

I was delighted to hear that that ding was from the sidewalk, not the puppy. A rabies shot is the last thing she needs. She also scraped up her knee in that fall, just a little.

In other news, it has recently come to my attention that not all of you are friends with me on facebook or follow my All-Eleanor youtube channel. Which means that you haven't seen this video of Eleanor telling you what some stuff is:

Or this one, of her declaring her undying love (for burgers):

She walks. She talks! She does not yet make julienne fries, but she will happily salt them for you.


Vasilly said...

Poor Eleanor! Awww. :-( Give her a hug for me.

Amanda said...

AAAHHHH she is so cute I can hardly stand it! And yes, it is a good thing they're durable. My Eleanor took several layers of skin off her knees about six weeks ago and they still have not fully healed up. I hope yours recovers fast and that she hasn't been scared off of salting things!

J.Symes said...

oh. my. goodness.

I LOVE YOU.............BURGER.

I am dying of happiness! She is the sweetest thing!