Sunday, July 28, 2013

The things that come out of her mouth.

She thinks now that as long as someone says 'okay' after she asks for a thing, she is going to get that thing. A lot of our conversations look like this:

E: Cheese? Okay.

Me: ...

E: Eleanor hold it? Okay.

Me: ...

E [usually with increasing tearfulness]: Mama, up? Okayyyyyy.

She likes to sing while she does her important baby things. Her favorites are Old Macdonald (her rendition consists solely of shouting, 'Sheep sheep heeeeeeere, sheep sheep heeeeeeere') and the ABCs (just a repetition of 'WX' or 'Now I...ABC...Now I...ABC').

She is more like a people all the time.


blackbird said...

Nice hat.

Amanda said...

That is SUCH a fun age.

Tika Viteri said...

I will trade you a video of my niece Evelyn singing her ABC's at roughly the same age (probably a couple of months older?) for one of Eleanor.

Bonus points if Eleanor is in her elephant pajamas, because Ev is.

Jan said...

Whatever you do, you must NOT stop telling us about this darling child - at least, not until I'm dead. As I am now 78, you may not have to wait too long.
Your E-blog is the gilt on the gingerbread of my life.
Jan the bookshop owner