Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I'm storing up Vitamin D for the winter.

If it weren't for the lousy winters and the distance from my family, I'd stay in Saskatoon FOREVER.

We go to the park around the corner from us literally every day. It has a pool.

Some days we also go to Kinsmen Park, where the lifeguard has been hooking me up with all her friends who have kids. And her brother's friends who have kids. And her relatives who have kids. And a swim diaper that one time we weren't really planning on swimming so didn't come prepared.

We won't make that mistake again.

This morning, for variety, we went to the OTHER park, the one that's further than our corner park (a 2-min walk) but closer than Kinsmen (a 15-minute walk).

After a good, hard play, we went to our corner park because pool.

And our house has so much SPACE. Eleanor's room is on the main floor, so she can just go there and do stuff while I'm elsewhere doing other stuff.

Also, it's a room, not just a cubicle that her crib and dresser and a box of our winter coats fits into. And then we have this whole other room downstairs that we're eventually going to put a couch in, but which is, for now, just a cool and carpeted play space. We run AMOK down there.

Amok is blurry.

We can also run amok in our backyard, because we have one. You know what else we have? A GARDEN.

It's a little garden. The Eleanor is for scale.

She splashed in a rubbermaid full of water and toys (which I filled with the HOSE and not from the kitchen sink, which is way easier) while I dug in all the plants today, and then she helped me label them.

We harvested our first tomato

and our first strawberry

and when she asked for more of both, I explained about waiting for them to ripen. Now she points at the plants and goes 'Green!' and then shakes her head really firmly and says 'Don't. Eat.' and then points at you and says 'WAIT.' I think she gets it.

Did I mention there's a zoo? And it's no Calgary Zoo, but it IS basically the North America Exhibit of the Calgary Zoo. So there's cougars and bears and long-horned sheep and things, and I fed some geese and Eleanor patted a goat, so it has that going for it.

We dropped by the library yesterday to see what the deal was, and Eleanor went straight to work.

We're headed back there tomorrow for story time, after which we will go to the park (obviously). We are so excited.


Anna said...

If you are in the SK area next summer you may have some unwanted guests ;)

Rhiannon said...

Ah! Kinsmen and Cheesetoast, I smell a lovely little abode near 7th ave! You must meet up with Ashley Spires, the Binky the Space cat creator (who is immensely charming). Love that hood, the little local coffee place is the best. And if the hubby gets around to meeting the X-ray techs at City hospital, Loni is especially nice ;)
I miss the Saskabush, it is a delightful city, especially for kids. Eleanor will love it.

Reading Rambo said...

"Now she points at the plants and goes 'Green!' and then shakes her head really firmly and says 'Don't. Eat.' and then points at you and says 'WAIT.' I think she gets it."

Cutest. Ever.

leahandmichael said...

smiling so hard and a little sadness too cause I MISS YOU GUYS! and also, h has that B&W awesome t from superstore too. yessss