Thursday, July 18, 2013

The conversationalist.

Eleanor's starting to remember things that happened and to connect them to other things that also happened, so our conversations have gotten really elaborate.

Me: Remember yesterday at the festival when you had a fried banana?

E: Nana. Eye skeeem!

Me: Yes, it had ice cream on it!

E: Nam nam nam. *casts about for topic with which to continue conversation* Cabbage!

Me: Yes, you also had cabbage yesterday.

E: *very dramatically* PICEY.

Me: It WAS spicy.

E: Nam nam nam.

And so on.

And sometimes something will stick in her head, like this one picture in a book my parents read to her over FaceTime with a puppy hanging upside-down in a tree, and so whenever ANYthing is upside-down, she brings up this puppy. He is the platonic ideal of upside-down.


blackbird said...

Re puppy in tree - obvs.

Might I see a video of Eleanor talking?

No rush. No pressure.

Amanda said...


Reading Rambo said...

"He is the platonic ideal of upside-down."

I heart you. But not in the gay Orange Is the New Black way.