Thursday, December 05, 2013

Festival of Trees

We've been doing other things besides sleeping and not-sleeping. We went to the Festival of Trees, and on the way there Joel was like, Is this going to be like that Pumpkin Festival we went to that was a bit of a bust? And I'm like, I don't know.

But it wasn't. It was amazing. We walked in and Eleanor was like, LATER, GUYS.

There was live music and bright lights and a lot of this.

Iss a MONKEY onna tree! An a ANGEL onnit, an a h'nowflake!

There was also a gingerbread house display.

Eleanor was like *eyes*

The Once Upon A Time corner had all these animatronic displays that Eleanor is too young to realize are actually terrifying.

But what makes them go?

It was held in the Western Development Museum, so there was also a lot of this sort of thing lying around.

And rooms set up to look like olde-timey barber shops, or newspaper printers, or living rooms. Eleanor went whizzing around the corner ahead of us into a room, and came back out again almost before she had gone in, because there was a BISON HEAD MOUNTED ON THE WALL and she was not expecting it.

If you ask her about the Christmas Tree Festival, the part that she will remember (besides the bison) is that she held a nutcracker's hand.

You come home with me now, nutcracker. You can join my collection.

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