Tuesday, December 31, 2013

When it is your birthday, and you are two.

When it is your birthday, and you are two, your room is full of balloons when you wake up, because magic.

When it is your birthday, and you are two, your oatmeal is pink.

You get to open all the presents in the house, because they are all for you, because it is your birthday and you are two.

You get to help make your own birthday cake and yes, whatever, taste-test the flour all you like. It's not every day you turn two.

And go ahead and lick the bowl, because salmonella can't touch you when it's your birthday.

And drink from the birthday cup

and have hash browns and grapes and 'fancy cheese' for lunch, because it is your birthday and you are two.

And there are two candles on your cake, because you are two.

And the whole cake is yours, because it is your birthday, so lick all the icing off first, if you want.

And then watch The Jungle Book and make elephant sounds. You are very good at them now, because you are two.

And then have a bath and brush your teeth and read Llama Llama and go to bed, because some things still have to be done, even though it is your birthday, and you are two.


alice c said...

Oh! Happy, happy birthday sweet little Eleanor. We send you two kisses and wish you so much fun now you are TWO!

blackbird said...


I love you Eleanor and think you are the best girl in the whole world.

Aunt Bird

Unknown said...

This is precious, Raych.

And yes, it is not every day one turns two! But I have noticed that two-year-old Tika sometimes comes to visit 35-year-old Tika, especially when Mom asks her to do the dishes on Christmas. Two-year-old Tika may also have cuddled up to watch Anne of Green Gables with Mom after the Sullen Dishwashing Incident, which is the part Mom likes.

So with a bit of luck, you'll see two-year-old Eleanor peeking out of PresentEleanor for the rest of your Mum Life.

kt said...

Oh, yes, I agree with Tika 100%. It's wonderfulness to see the original peeking out of the current model.

Feliz Cumpleanos, Eleanor! Way to rock the two-year-old par-tay!

(LOVE the blog)

Reading Rambo said...

Agghh I can't believe she's two.

Anonymous said...

This is just the sweetest. Happy Belated Birthday Eleanor!

AmongAmidWhile said...

Raych, I think you just about wrote a children's picture book here.