Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Today is Eleanor's birthday and I'm feeling very reflective.

You know what's fun? Where Are They Now, which I like to play with last year's Christmas gifts.

Mrs Roy, the corduroy aardvark, is part of the Sleeping Party and her ears or tail are always sticking out of the crib, causing Eleanor to really dramatically be like, OH NOOOOOOOO, and then be like, No, seriously though, fix it.

The bath book is still a cause for great delight.

One of the bath piggies joined Noah's Ark (i.e. Where All The Plastic Animals Go) and was spared the eventual mouldering of the other two. The puppy bath towel has gone in the Next Baby box, as Eleanor is much too large. SO LARGE.

Eleanor's riding bee was a huge help in learning to walk, because it's so maneuverable. Now that she's big she can sit on it and actually take it for a scoot.

Eleanor can totally read That Is Not My Dragon to herself, from beginning to end.

You know what ELSE is fun? Compare and Contrast.

Infant Eleanor and a Santa:

Toddler Eleanor and a Santa:

Infant Eleanor thanking the Senior Nutcracker for his service:

Toddler Eleanor offering him a cup of something while he stands guard and she looms over him:

We obviously need a bigger Senior Nutcracker.

(I cannot be held responsible for what I purchase when everything is 75% off. Also, NUTCRACKER SECRETS.)

Infant Eleanor, as high as she can reach:

Toddler Eleanor - we should probably get a bigger tree, too:

SO two years old now, this one.

I'm what?

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