Saturday, August 30, 2014

A festival of horses

We went to the farmer's market this morning because we have been, like, zero times this summer, because I can't fit both girls in the bike trailer right now and it is a hella long walk, and because Joel is in Regina for four days next week and we're trying to family-time the shit out of this weekend. Also, I wanted carrots.

Warren the Balloon Funn man was there, twisting balloons. For free. This is how he drums up business, I guess. Warren provides for his entire family SOLELY by twisting balloons at parties and things, and he is AMAZING at it. Making balloon animals is his calling. He's making koala bears, unicorns, sharks. ANYthing. He asks Eleanor what she wants, and she wants a horse. I am like, What about a giraffe. A monkey? I feel like I'm wasting his talent by asking him to make a horse. She wants a horse.


Colors aside, obviously (which he coordinated to her outfit omg this guy). He also makes it a bracelet so she can wear it, and won't lose it. Not content with blowing our minds, he tells us there's a festival preceding the fireworks that I fervently hope will not wake up my children tonight. So after nap time we bike over the river to Rotary Park.

OBviously we go to the face painting straight away, and look through the little booklet. Ooooh, I say, you could get a seahorse. Or a dragon. Or a ladybug. But she (immovably) wants to be a horse.

HORSE. So horsey. It's horses all the way down, today.

I feel like this is just A Weekend In Saskatoon now. Face painting, live music, bouncy castles.

Something fried (blow on it, it's hot).

Princesses? Sure. Hey Eleanor, look at your mum. She cannot, she is busy talking to a PRINCESS.

Geneva is awake during more stuff now, but she's just like, Gotta chew my lapels, ttyl.

We hop on our bikes to cycle home, but the bridge is closed because it is full of explosives. For the fireworks show. The next closest bridge has steps, and I cannot go up them with the trailer. We go to the next closest bridge after that, and get home late. Eleanor is RILED. She wants to talk to her balloon horse about how she is also a horse.

Do you have a mane, horse? Because I have a mane.


Such a goof. Joel is taking the girls out tomorrow morning and I am going to clean this place down, because it is in shambles and I am literally doing nothing next week while he's gone. Solo parenting (not 'single parenting,' not at all, not anywhere near as hard) is so exhausting that every second the girls are asleep, I will probably also be asleep.

A horse for the road.


Laura said...

Gah, Eleanor's so darling. Geneva too. Those lapels aren't going to chew themselves, after all. Good luck with the solo parenting for a few days! I have a stint like that coming up soon and I'm SO looking forward to it (not).

blackbird said...

We have exactly the same cabinets.

Thank god you keep blogging is all.