Saturday, August 09, 2014

Gerrrrrm everywhere.

We have colds. 


We have the most useless immune systems on the market. 

Nobody is sleeping well. 

We have been staying close to home. 

Maybe we venture out for a pastry if Joel is working the evening shift, and we just cannot about supper. 

Joel has taken the girls out for a few hours, and I am just going to lie here. I don't even care if I sleep. I'm just going to lie in my bed, all alone, and no one is going to wake me up because they are hungry or because the thunder is loud. 

I'm so excited. 


Constance said...

So many bright eyes and smiles in these pix. You r doing something beautifully right. Can't wait to tickle those waterlogged feet and squeeze 3 month-old cheeks. Love you for the consistent posts. You make life & living look dearfully appealing. Love you.

Reading Rambo said...

Your kids are so damn cute. I am angry about it.