Thursday, August 28, 2014

They're gonna be proper besties one day.

Robyn and her family were on a whirlwind of visits in Saskatchewan before heading back to New York for the fall, and we were honored to be a stop on their tour. Robyn hadn't met Geneva (obviously) and I hadn't met Ben who is almost a year and a half. It was glorious chaos. Any time you double the number of children in your house, it is going to be MADNESS. And then it rained and we were like...heck.

But Ryan had a half-off coupon for the Western Development Museum and that is somewhere you can take children to RUN AROUND and look at tractors and shit, and I was like, Oh, I'm totally going to get an adorable photo of our many childrens together. HAHAHAHA.

Hey, Ben Ben.

Why that face, Eleanor?

Come on, children.

But the next day dawned sunny and warmish, and we went to the park and our daughters played on the seesaw.

Ugh, it's too adorable.

Juice box party.

Painting party.

Hula party.

These two know how to party. Hey, remember when they were just tiny squirrels, and Eleanor couldn't sit upright?

Sunrise, sunset you guys.


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Oy! The gorgeousness! My girlie is stressing about SAT #2 and her senior year. I'm wishing I could pick her up all the way and hold her forever.