Sunday, August 10, 2014

Here are some old pictures I found on my computer, though.

We went to the animal fair. The birds and the beasts were there. Then I dropped my phone in a supermarket toilet and now I can't even show you the picture of Eleanor feeding a bottle of milk to a baby goat, which I was going to post alongside a picture of Eleanor feeding a bottle of milk to Geneva (which activity she took Very Seriously and has not stopped talking about).

Oh well. We'll let the tupperware container full of rice do its work, and see where we are tomorrow.

I signed her up for a week of swimming lessons, kind of at the last minute. I can't do the kind of lessons where you have to go in with them, because I have this whole other child now, and Joel is never going to be reliably home on Tuesdays, or whenever, so I jumped at the condensed week of summer lessons (jumped at after a month of walking by the sign and being like, I should get on that), and they start tomorrow.

I am terrified for her.

I mean, she's going to be fine. It's lessons for little kids, so they'll go slowly, and I'll be right there in the bleachers. It's just, what if she's nervous and I'm not right there? I'm being a total mom about it. She's my firstborn, and it's been just her and me for so long, and now she's going to go off and have an adventure without me. Sort of.

It'll be good for her, both as an independent experience and as an actual lesson in swimming. It'll be good for me, too.

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blackbird said...

oooh, I'll be thinking of both of you...xo