Monday, October 20, 2014

Babies be giving you grey hairs

Ok first of all, it was like 21 degrees today. THAT IS LIKE 70 DEGREES ALICE I SERIOUSLY DON'T UNDERSTAND WHY YOU CAN'T DO YOUR OWN GOOGLE CONVERSIONS. It is past the middle of October. And here we are.

So in other news. A baby's soft spot is supposed to be flat to their skull or a little indented, and if it's really sunken that means the baby is dehydrated, so Joel compulsively checks Geneva's soft spot, and like two weeks ago he was all, I don't like how her soft spot is distended a little.

And I was like, Is this a thing I should be worrying about and he was like, Nah, it's fine. But then I'm up googling things at 2 am when I'm feeding the baby and the internet is all, MENINGITIS! HYDROCEPHALY! And I'm like, Well she clearly doesn't have that first thing and probably not the second one either. And the internet is like, WELL BRAIN TUMOR THEN.

And in the light of day we were both like, Ehhhh, it's probably nothing. We'll keep an eye on it. But a week passed and it didn't go away and you'd feel dumb if you had to be like, No, we totally noticed this worrying symptom, we just didn't do anything about it.

So I took her to the walk-in clinic and the doctor was like, Well, if she wasn't so lively and thriving, I'd send you to the pediatric ER right now. But we'll get you an ultrasound in the next day or two, make sure nothing is wrong.

And then I started to panic, because babies. And I panicked hard for two days until we had the ultrasound, and no one sent us for a CT scan or called other doctors in for consults and I started to relax.

And last night, the clinic dr phoned after I was in bed just to make sure someone had contacted me, and to let me know that my baby is fine. Her brain is fine. We don't know why her soft spot is distended, but it could just be the way her head is shaped. We'll keep an eye on it, but for now EVERYTHING IS FINE.

We are greatly relieved.


blackbird said...

You got me all worked up.

kt said...


Glad the wee one is ok.

And that the bigger one is ok.

And that you and the mister are ok.

Please continue the ok-ing. We think you are all swell.

Reading Rambo said...


Also of course she is ok. Look at that roly poly baby.

I heart Geneva Wren. That is all.

Elizabeth said...

I have such a love/hate relationship with google and Web MD. I have diagnosed my kids so many times with so much random stuff at 2 am. Glad that little peach is a-ok.

Anonymous said...

It's just because she's been using her baby powers so hard to grow THOSE EYELASHES.