Saturday, October 25, 2014


Joel has been doing his rural rotation in Rosthern, so you'd think I'd heard about the Rosthern corn maze from him, but you'd be wrong. It was from some other random dad at the clinic when I was taking Geneva in to see about her head. 

So we went to the corn maze today. The MAIZE maze. I am never going to not think that joke is funny. Anyway. It was aMAZEing (can't stop. Won't stop). 

The donkeys and sheep and goats were just...around. Like, there was technically a petting zoo, with llamas in a pen and things. 

Hullo, llama. Do you want pettings, she says?

But there were also just ANIMALS. Eleanor was in her element. 

We went in the Little Stalks entrance of the maize maze, and got hopelessly lost and wandered around for fifteen minutes and ended up back at the entrance.

We are not good at mazes. But we ARE good at bouncy castles. 

And caramel apples. 

Thems is hard work. 

'What was the best part of your day, Eleanor?' 'The horses! I fed them some CORRRRRNNNNNNS.'

You did. Splendid day. 


Somaiyya said...

Eleanor's face is so great in that last picture.

Reading Rambo said...

Never getting over her face. Also SOMETHING LOOKS WEIRD ABOUT THAT CARAMEL APPLE maybe you do them differently in Canada.

*eyes you*