Tuesday, January 27, 2015

All dressed up, nowhere to go.

Our plans to keep busy were quashed when Eleanor got sick and our car broke down. So we spent the weekend at the dr and walking the long walk home from the mechanic. I've been saving Eleanor's birthday present from her dad and me for a rainy day, and there's nothing like being stuck inside, a little bit sick and a little bit antsy, for some dress-up. 

Some of it is old hats I stole from old roommates. 

Some of it is old hats I used to use in preschool. 

But most of it I picked up in the week after Halloween. A ferocious bee. 

A lovely wig. 

A royal crown (that's her 'royal' face). 

A triceratops head. 

A firefighter suit. 

A dragon cape. 

A monster. 

A skull. 

Fancy gloves, fancy hats, glasses, wings. 

We never do anything now unless we're holding some flowers and wearing a fascinator. 

Or a rat costume and a pink vest and a grass skirt. 

Everyone so fancy these days. 


blackbird said...

Wait. The new car?

Cayla Maggio said...

Well, at least that was an interesting start, wonky car aside, which I'm sure you have dealt with at this point, enough to be freed of the further pressures and inconveniences. Anyway, Eleanor is so adorable donning those head pieces and costumes. She is indeed a superstar. Hahaha! Thanks for sharing those lovely pictures! All the best to your family!

Cayla Maggio @ Nowthen Transmission Service

Reading Rambo said...

Those are all tremendously awesome.