Monday, August 31, 2015


Our little pool closed.

On the last day, they filled it full of bubbles. It was insane. 

We said goodbye to our lifeguards.

Eleanor still makes cards for them that she won't ever get to bring them. 'I will give Jen her card next summer.'

It's the last day of August.

Every hot day, we say to ourselves, This is our last kick at the can.

We go to the lake, even though it's cloudy and windy, because Joel has the day off and he works all weekend and summer is ending.

We go to the new Kinsmen park every day.



It never gets old. I said we wouldn't go on rides every time we go to the park, because it's $2 for the carousel, but the rides close down in a few weeks anyway so now we go on the carousel every time we go to the park.

Eleanor hops on the zipline all by herself, like it's nothing.

She isn't tall enough to get down, or to drag the zip back up to the top of the hill to the next kid, so she still needs an adult. But she's getting so big and adventurous, so strong.

She saw a kid climbing on the water trough and said, I also can climb on that water trough.

We love the water trough, and the pump. We call the whole thing 'the swamp.'

It's always surrounded by kids, and mothers who didn't expect it to be there and aren't totally ok with how filthy their kids want to get.

We get MONUMENTALLY filthy and then go rinse off in the splash park.

We love it, we love it all.


blackbird said...

And I love seeing it.


kt said...

Me, too! Filthy is fun!!!

Pam (Isabelle) said...

I read your blog but don't normally comment because why would you want to hear from a granny person in Scotland? But I thought I'd unlurk and say how much I enjoy seeing your lovely children and reading your interesting and amusing writing. Sorry if this sounds creepy but I'm a 65-year-old grandmother and not creepy at all. Anyway. Hello.