Monday, January 04, 2016

It's still only January, right?

We had a birthday and then we had a party but also can we talk about how it's basically spring right now. 

It's like -10 in the late afternoons.

Which is when my kids are awake and there isn't enough time to take them anywhere ambitious before dinner. 

So we've been going to the park. 


And December was likewise pretty mild, but it was GREY. 

It snowed like an inch every day, but it took all damn day to do it. 

So every day was overcast and doing whatever the snow version of 'drizzle' is.

But 2016 has so far been SUNNY and DELIGHTFUL.

You feel like you're missing out if you stay indoors, so we are making sure not to miss out. 

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Angela said...

"Snizzle." It does that here too in WA. We also get those little hard balls of snow that bounce when they hit. We call it "snail."