Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Make-up Day

I'm going to start speaking my sadnesses into the ether more often because we have had the most amazing day THANK YOU LIFE AND UNIVERSE AND EVERYTHING.

Eleanor got a gift card for her birthday to this place where you paint a pottery and they fire it for you, so I sent her and Joel off this morning to have some alone time together.

Geneva doesn't always get to do the cool stuff I used to do with Eleanor, or maybe I didn't start doing stuff with Eleanor until she was bigger? Who remembers anything anymore. Anyway. When the cat's away, the mice get to do some painting of their own.

She was so, so proud of it and also ate some of it. 

When toddlers potatohead, though. A LEGION OF EYES!

It snowed again this morning but the afternoon was warm! And sunny! I bought the girls their own little snow shovels and Eleanor makes tracks around the yard for miles.

Geneva is just like *wrangle wrangle wrangle*


Ugh, my house is snowed in.

And then Josie's mom stopped by! With a coloring book for me! Which is something I have walked by a thousand times and wanted but never bought because how'm I gonna justify the expense. And she chatted with the girls and Eleanor told her all about her pottery painting and Geneva told her all about her painting on the fridge ('PAINT! S'RIDGE! Yaya [meaning "Geneva"]') and Josie's mom is the kind of woman who understands littles and can talk to them about their weird interests all day. And then I melted a bunch of cheese over some tater tots with some pepper and some scallions and some leftover meat and we called it supper, and Eleanor and I baked some apples

and now they are all asleep.  Joel leaves tomorrow for a week so I'm trying to hoard all these good feelings. We have some fun stuff planned, I've invited the neighbors up for supper so I don't murder my children and/or feed them waffles every day. January is the lamest month, but it's like a week from being over and then we are further along in our long, slow trod towards spring!


blackbird said...

I wish I knew you wanted a coloring book!!!

Katy Murphy said...

Oh, Rachel. I wish That when my girlie was E's age I knew what you know now. You are DA MOM. 💚