Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Warm wishes

At the risk of jinxing things, we have having such a good week. I took the girls in for their shots this morning OH AND THE GARAGE DOOR WAS FROZEN SHUT and so our downstairs neighbor came and heaved on it while I pressed the 'open' button but POINT BEING we got out of the garage and my girls are fully immunized and everyone was so brave and then we went to Downey's Golden Sheaf Bakery and had one of their incredible donuts.

Feed the birds.

And THEN, because it was like FOUR DEGREES, I took my bitches to the zoo.

Bitches love zoos.

Eleanor insists on pulling Geneva for most of it, which Geneva LOVES.

And when she got tired, I just stacked them and pulled them myself.

We have cougars and bears and a couple of lynx but the girls' favorite animal is the Random Zoo Cat.

Hullo, zoo cat.

And then the cat climbed a tree and Eleanor took the sled and climbed a hill and Geneva was like, Wha happen, where erebody go?

I told Geneva the eagles were scowling at her (they're so scowly!) so she scowled back.

And that was morning and then we had lunch and everyone napped like the dead and when they woke up, it was STILL WARM SO WE BUILT A SNOWMAN.

Witness him.

And then Eleanor built a TEENY TINY snowman out of shards because rolling snowballs is actually super difficult.

And THEN JOEL TEXTED TO SAY HE WAS COMING HOME and the girls died of excitement and he read to them every book I've been refusing to read because ughhhhhh reading aloud and now he and I are going to have a coloring date because I got TWO! NEW! coloring books in the mail today (blackbird!!!!!) and I am so, so excited.

Oh happy day.


Constance said...

Hearts to Blackbird and daddy's coming home and the best of momma in so many ways. Blessed little birds and scouts.

blackbird said...

I think I sent them on Tuesday!