Sunday, January 24, 2016


Summer is all festivals and then fall is SOME festivals and then the festivals fade into the holidays and then JANUARY, January is nothing. January is so long and then kind of near the end, the festivals pop up again.

All is ice! Chair is ice. Swans are ice.

Blocks are ice.

Slides are ice.

Ring toss is ice.


Hay bale maze is not ice, it is hay.

Human dogsled is not ice either, actually, but is for on ice.

Hockey box is not ice, but has ice IN it.

Pony is not ice; pony is Tex.

Igloo is not ice, but is majestic. Geneva kept calling it the 'mountain.'

Nice job, ice.


Lois said...

Dear, Sweet, Sensible, YOU!

I love the way you parent. Parenting is hard. It requires work. I love your honesty. Honesty is hard. It requires work. I love the way you love. Loving is hard. It requires work. Those little girlies, and your husband are SO, SO, enriched by you. Because you do the work.

September said...

You are an awesome mom who is giving her children a great childhood. Reading your blog is always a highlight of my day. I hope you are feeling better. I remember when Allison was three that I was calling my mom almost every day because WHAT.HAVE.I.DONE!?
Since you're probably the only person I know who reads as much as I of my favorite parenting books was/is The Emotionally Intelligent Child by John Gottman. Have you read it? It really helped me change my attitude on the legitimacy of Allison expressing strong feelings like sadness/anger, but also examine how mean I was to myself about my own strong feelings. The hypothesis is that we can minimize, interrupt, tolerate with no limits our children's emotions OR we can emotion coach them, since they will probably have those feelings for like, forever.
I also took a Love and Logic parenting class a few years ago that taught me some good tools so I could calm the eff down and quit being angry about stupid stuff.
Anyways. You are awesome.
Love S