Monday, February 08, 2016

A catch-up.

How are things. How are things with you? How are things with us. Things are sort of all over the place. We are going on a trip (so excite) so I spent Friday morning dragging my kids to six different stores looking for, like, walking sandals (we have flip flops) and sun hats, IN THE DEAD OF WINTER in Saskatoon. We had zero luck (duh) and ended up at Walmart because last ditch, also I needed buns, but also we were starving and grouchy so we had poutine first, ALL OF WHICH IS TO SAY, here's Geneva in a McDonalds inside a Walmart, with marker on her face from some days ago, having smeared poutine gravy into her hair.

Not my parenting low point, but on the downward slope. (I finally found sandals for Geneva in a 'previous shoes' bin, Eleanor will be fine in flip flops, a friend loaned me some hats.) THE VERY NEXT DAY Joel was home so we went to this extremely posh bakery that was on some buzzfeed list, and had some macarons and a lime tart for breakfast.

Lookit these fancy little persons.

What else. I took the girls to the farmer's market last weekend for the last day of WinterShines and let Eleanor feed the goats and ponies.

Geneva won't go near them, but it's all she talks about for days afterward. 'Doat! Eeeeeat! Nahm nahm nahm.'

The slide had melted into a terrifying death trap so I only let Geneva go down with Eleanor.

There were like a million things on that Sunday but Joel was working and I can only do so many things with the kids by myself. You know? So I took them out in the evening for some fireworks, but we had to run around the park for a while first

while it got like scarily dark. WHERE ARE BOTH OF MY CHILDREN oh well I will keep an eye on this one because she is smallest.

Eleanor was both delighted and terrified by the fireworks, WHY ARE THEY SO LOUD but also some of them looked like fairies.

Geneva was 100% terrified, so good game, everyone. That was a super cold day, we were all wearing like six layers under our snow clothes. BUT THEN IT GOT WARM and we built a snowman.

Geneva loves him, and sings 'Frosty' out the window to him. 'Srossssssy....ahmaaaaaaan! Srosssssssssssssssssssssy..........ahhhhhmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!' It's amazing.

Eleanor's gymnastics class had 'Pirate Day. Her class is half girls but I love that they didn't try to make them be wenches or whatever, they were just like EVERYONE IS PIRATES here is your mustache. Now grab a cutlass and go duel on the balance plank.

What else. We've been making some valentines.

Eleanor is just, like, a stamping machine (that is a freshly washed baby you see there).

It was like lightly sunny the other evening and everything was melting so we went out and jumped around in it.

I have a cold, Joel has a cold, Geneva has...something. Teeth coming in? Dunno. Powering through it all, though



Pam said...

I do love seeing your beautiful babies (she said sinisterly, but it's ok, I'm a granny lots of miles away in Scotland) and so much admire how you get them togged up in snow clothes and take them out. I mean, I know why you do (inside all day with two little ones, no, no) but it must be a huge effort. They are blessed with a lovely mum (or, mom).

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