Wednesday, February 24, 2016

We went to Cuba, part three.

One day, for a change, we went into town.

The girls had been eating, like, nothing because the food was so terrible. IT WAS SO TERRIBLE. And I say this as a grown-ass woman who will eat all kinds of things and whose kids will eat a lot of stuff. It wasn't just, like, Oh this food is unfamiliar to me and so I shall not eat it. It was like, This squash is mushy and cold, and these potatoes taste like the ones from the box, and this rice is SO SALTY and this meat is basically gristle and these beans aren't cooked through and are still hard.

I had been prepared to relax my standards a little, because we were on vacation, but by a few days in I was like, Who wants buttered toast for lunch! Have one of these heinous yogurt-adjacent sugar bombs for breakfast, I don't even care. Eleanor and I lived off of desserts, Geneva ate salty rice and deli ham, and then the one day we discovered the poolside cafeteria, that day we had A PILE OF FRIES for lunch that I had to wait in line for like TWENTY MINUTES for and it was amazing.

Anyway. We went into town. Well, 'town.' We went into a collection of market stalls and restaurants and this tall tower, that my parents took the girls up.

They had a little park!

A guy made me a little grasshopper out of leaves!

And then we went for lunch to this pizza place and had PIZZA and it was EVERYTHING and Eleanor ate FIVE PIECES because she was so, so starved.

And the guy said they had the best mojitos in town, and I don't know if he was right but he MAY HAVE BEEN because they were incredible. And then we took our full bellies and we went home.

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blackbird said...

Hmmm, downside: bad food. But the beach is awfully pretty.