Tuesday, February 23, 2016

We went to Cuba, part two.

Every morning, we'd go to breakfast.

We do some coloring while we finish our coffee.

And then maybe we go to the pool?

When you have small children, you are up the earliest, and the least lingery-over-coffee, so you are out and about first and the pool is your oyster.

We get bored of the big pool, maybe we go to the little pool.

It has a spitting dolphin. Hilarious! There is also a rickety swing!

Maybe we drink a coconut?

You get cold, you have a cuddle.

Geneva is not really a pool-goer-inner. She's more of a sitter-besider.

A bucket-filler.

A lounge-chair-lounger.

What are you doing, Geneva? Having a talk with the plants? Ok.

And then after naps, maybe we go to the beach?

So windy!

Build some sandcastles.

Stomp some sandcastles.

Bury some feets and draw some little birdie feets over them.

Geneva is for SURE not an ocean-goer-inner. She is an ocean-runner-away-frommer.

Mayyyybe a seaweed collector. If accompanied.

In betweentimes, we sit and have a little read.

Or we go to Papa and Gigi's room and rummage through their drawer of toys, read their giant books.

In the evening, probably we go back to the pool, and we stay until we are much too cold and have to go to supper.

Every day so samey, but this is why we come.

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