Monday, February 22, 2016

We went to Cuba, part one.

We went to Cuba! We had the perfect travel day!

Our flight left at like 9:30 am! Eleanor's main interests are, like, reading and coloring and stickering, so you just load her backpack up with things and you don't have to worry about her for the rest of the flight. Geneva, on the other hand, is a busy little body and still a lap infant for all intents and traveling purposes even though omg she is so large, but she was HAPPY the whole flight and all you can really ask is that your kids aren't one of the ones that are crying. So.

And then we took a 1.5 hour bus ride.

But everyone slept! Because it was nap time! You see? Perfect travel day.

And we got off the bus into the waiting arms of my parents and traveling towards my parents is always, like, you know you're gonna be ok and all you have to do is just get there.

So we got there, and our room was sufficiently commodious, our bed sufficiently bouncy.

And Eleanor had been having a lot of trepidation about 'the sea creatures,' even though I explained over and over that the whales and sharks lived way out deep, deeper than we could ever get, so after my parents took the kids to scope out the pool, and Joel and I UNPACKED OUR STUFF (I have never in my child-having life had the luxury of unpacking into a hotel room), we walked down to see the beach before the sun set. As we rounded the corner, Eleanor let out a gasp and said, I will, I will swim in that ocean!

And so she did.

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