Sunday, May 01, 2016

Sleep, little beast.

Geneva has skipped her nap three times this week. I leave her in there for hours, she doesn't sleep. It's maddening.

Eleanor didn't nap a single day when my in-laws were here last. They suggested (quite reasonably, since she is almost four and a half years old) that maybe she was done with napping forever. I shrugged, both because it doesn't really matter whether Eleanor naps or not, and because I kind of felt like it was a phase and sure enough, she has slept every afternoon this week.

But Geneva's not napping and she is NOT EVEN TWO and she's just such a ball of rage and incomprehension and illogic and bad life choices, every damn afternoon. Good thing the weather has finally turned. It's so warm! Every day, after naps (or two hours of singing All the Single Ladies except all the words she knows are Ahhsingadies oh oh ohhhh oh oh ohhhh), we go outside and we have popsicles.

You can make popsicles out of a really ripe mango and a really ripe banana and half a can of coconut milk and they're creamy and soft, without that brittleness that homemade popsicles often have. I think it's the banana.

And then we move water around, here to there, with any old container we can find.

Sometimes we go to the park and move sand around

but mostly we just go to the yard and dump water into and out of dollar store measuring cups and plastic bags and sponges shaped like dinosaurs.

You can perhaps tell from the angle of this shot that I am lying down. I LIE DOWN and my kids bustle around like cheerful little bees, one of whom is one wrong look away from an exhaustion-induced tantrum. I worry about sunscreen and then don't worry about it because it's basically still April and then worry about it again and make them wear hats. I'm pretty sure this not-napping is just a phase and I'm trying not to let it stress me out. 


September said...

You're an awesome mom.
Know what else makes a great popsicle? Applesauce. Allison loves the green pear applesauce and the little Mott's containers are about the right size for filling popsicle containers. So, there's that.

Pam said...

None of my children ever napped after two and a little bit. Just saying.