Monday, May 30, 2016

Little Dancestress

ELEANOR'S DANCE RECITAL! Oh man, dance is so stressful and so time-consuming and SO ADORABLE but she had her dress rehearsal on Wednesday, which really only took like ten minutes but we had to drive all the way out there and then all the way back, and then she had recitals on Thursday and Friday.

We attended the Thursday recital, and I had thought about leaving Geneva with somebody but everybody else was bringing their baby, and anyway Geneva loves dancing. Every time the lights went down, she'd be all, It's gonna be dark! Dere's gonna be more dancers coming!

I have no photos or video from the performance itself, alas. They're very serious about not filming it so that they can bleed you for the purchase of a DVD, which won't even be ready until August! HOW AM I GONNA WAIT THAT LONG TO WATCH ELEANOR TAP HER TOES AND PLIE THE SMALLEST AMOUNT POSSIBLE ON REPEAT?

Anyway, it was so great. But we got home SO LATE and then I had to FEED THEM AGAIN because we had supper at like 4, so they got to bed late and the next morning, Eleanor woke up looking hung over and was like, I'm all done dancing on a stage.

Obviously by the time I got her up and fed, she was super excited again about her last! dance! ever! And I was helping out in the back this time so I got to sit and chat with my dance moms, who I love, while Geneva ran around with the 'big baweenas.'

And now dance is over! And school ends on Tuesday! (They're having a 'graduation,' which I recognize is super lame and am also clearing my phone off for.) All these things are ending, and they're so tied up with my feelings about leaving Saskatoon, and I'm just SAD about it.

Eleanor is zero sad about it and 100% excited, so I'm trying not to project my sadness on to her. It's gonna be so great, this move, and by August we're gonna be all set up and settled in and it's gonna be GREAT. It's just the time in between that feels so insurmountable.

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blackbird said...

So many feelings.
You just need it to be August. Sort of.