Monday, May 09, 2016

Still a mother! Still mothering.

Mother's Daaaaaay! Eleanor made me a present in preschool, and she told Joel what it was and told Geneva what it was but she kept the secret from me for FIVE DAYS. She also drew a picture of me on the envelope.

'Those are your red high heels from Mary Poppins, and this is your hair from that time you got it cut and came to pick me up from school, but I left some space on the top for your bun, and that fingernail is cracked because of when you peeled it with the vegetable peeler. But I forgot to give you ears.'

She made me a teapot out of paper plates, and there was a tea bag in it. I made them into my wall decorations.

Once again, Joel was on call overnight, so there was no guarantee he'd be around or awake this morning, so we just planned to go the farmer's market, as is our custom, and he ended up being able to come with us!


Eleanor picked the girls' outfits

AND mine. Luckily for me, she picked a floral dress that didn't show the tamarind sauce that spilled on it when we got pekoras for our walk home.

We bypassed our usual farmer's market treat because there's this ice cream place I've been wanting to go to, so after naps, we walked down and over the bridge and up to Homestead.

NIIIIIIIINE scoops of ice cream, three toppings, whipped cream, a cherry, which Eleanor ate because frankly they are disgusting but Eleanor's appetite for treats is pretty indescriminatory.

Geneva is...not like unto this. I mean. She likes a treat!

But she had maybe half a dozen spoonfuls of ice cream and then she was all, I haff a big spoon!

I'm bein' mum!

And Eleanor is over here like *scrape scrape scrape*

And then we went to the park to run off some of that ice cream.

Mother's Day is such a weird holiday. It's like it's your birthday! Only it's also everyone else's birthday! So everything is crowded, and social media is blowing up, and it's just BIZARRE, so I'm trying to reframe it for myself, and to mark this moment. This is me, right now, with my four-year-old and almost two-year-old, this is me being a mother in Saskatoon, and if I don't stop to look at it for a second, for this one day, I'll miss it. 


Pam said...

You're so right. Remember this time. Life will become easier, but never, never so intense; and you'll never feel so important as you do when your children are little. Such a lovely picture.

Katy Murphy said...

Happy belated mum's day, you fine example of motherhood, you!

blackbird said...

You are the best kind of mom.