Thursday, May 12, 2016

Two, like dis.

It's Geneva's birthday! My little bird. Remember when she was SO LITTLE?

I loaded her room with balloons, which continues to be the loudest thing you can do while your child is sleeping

and hauled out the birthday tree, and when Geneva saw it she was like, ISS A DANEEVA CHRISTMAS!

So that was worth dragging it out of the depths. Our birthday goblet broke, so I got a new one and it is majestic.

I got her a pillow for her bed because she's two now

and she got some stickers and tattoos and a book AND A SCOOTER that I drove all over town looking for and ended up finding at the Indigo next to Eleanor's school, which is where I should have started looking in the first place. ANYAY it was Scooter City in here for the next, like, hour.

Scoot, scoot.

I love you, birthday tree.

And then we dropped Eleanor off at school and did some grocery shopping because bitches gotta eat, and then went down to the river to do some MORE SCOOTERING.

We petted a dog, and it barked a bit because it got excited, and Geneva was like, He sayin' HAPPY DAY DAY TO DANEEVA!

I was initially kind of bummed that Eleanor had school on Geneva's birthday, but it turns out that the first Child's Birthday Which Is Not Yours But Is In Your House is a hard one. This is us having a long and feelingsy talk about jealousy.

And then Geneva woke up (that pillow is gonna take practice)

and we had cake! What those things are on the cake?

She blew on them, like we said

but they just FLICKERED and she was like ACK WHAT IS THIS so Eleanor and I blew them out for her. And like I said, Geneva isn't super about sweets, so she was like, Doop doop

How does this floating cake sorcery work?

Das a bithday tree!

I'm all done dis cake.

And that was the end of that! I was talking to one of the gals at preschool whose little guy is also two today, and She's like, Joe couldn't care less, he has no idea what a birthday is, and I'm like, Geneva cares. Geneva spent all day saying, It Daneeva's birthday! Happy day day, Daneeva! And then you say, How old are you, Geneva? And she says, TWO, LIKE DIS.


Pam said...

Oh, happy birthday, Geneva, slightly late. So cute.

September said...

So adorable! What lovely birthday traditions you have! I love the birthday tree idea!

dlgowan said...

HAPPY DAY DAY DANEEVA! (I'll eat the cake if she doesn't want it.)

blackbird said...

Oh happy happy day (late) wee little bird!

Katy Murphy said...

Yay for TWO!!!