Saturday, June 03, 2017

A smash-and-grab birthday.

Geneva had a BIRTHDAY. She is THREE. (How though.) It was, you guys, right in the middle of our move, and I was so first-trimestery, and I really had to pep-talk myself to get that birthday tree up.

UGH IT IS WORTH IT. I get ahead of myself, though. I happened to be awake and creeping her on the monitor when she woke up and saw all the balloons.


'No it's not.'

Whatever, Geneva, you are having a (nar)whale of a time.


More presents.

More presents.

DIS IS MY OWN DOLL DAT IS WIKE MY SISTER'S DOLL DAT IS NAMED SIDNEY WEE! (Geneva loves Sidney Lee. Now she has her own.)

Eleanor made her a card in which she drew the two of them as princesses.

Look at those SHOOOOOOOES.

And then Eleanor went to preschool and my parents came out and my dad watched Geneva while my mom and I packed up and moved my entire kitchen, which is the most demoralizing project because every time you're like, Hey I think we're done! somebody opens up two more completely full cupboards.

But we DID IT and then SORTED MY KITCHEN ON THE OTHER SIDE and it ONLY TOOK FIVE HOURS and I would occasionally entertain thoughts of what it would be like to do it myself, and laughcry. We got home to find that my dad had covered the kids in tattoos.

It's not a birthday unless somebody has Rainbow Dash on their belly.

I made Geneva an angel food cake in a fancy bundt pan and from now on, I am JUST DOING THIS everyone gets box cake mix in this fancy pan omg it's so easy.

We went to Five Guys Burgers and Fries for dinner. My children are obsessed with the peanuts. They come in a shell! You can have as many as you want!

My sister and her fam came out to join us. 'Wook at dese wong fwies!'

Then we had a cake!

Geneva loves being sung to. She does not love cake?

She DOES love Raspberry Fingers.

She also loves this doggo.

Happy birthday, squirble.


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