Monday, June 05, 2017

Three-year-olds have many responsibilities

Eleanor comes marching down from her quiet time the other day: Mom. I have homework. Me: Ok. Her: I need a marker and some pens and also help with spelling some words. Me: Ok.

She made a list of things Geneva needs to learn to do now that she's three.

The next day, she drags Geneva down: Mom. We have some homework to do. Me: Ok. Her: You can just keep doing your mom chores. Me: Ok. Her: Except I need some paper and scissors. TWO PAIRS. Me: Ok.

So she draws Geneva a circle and shows her how to hold the scissors and coaches her on cutting it out, but it was too hard, so she draws a square, 'because that's just lines,' but THAT was too hard, so she gets another paper and just draws some straight lines for Geneva to cut along.

And then she gets some more paper and coaches Geneva through drawing a self-portrait.

'On the top is all scribbles and that's how you make hair.'

And then: Mom! We need you for this part.

Baby's first painted fingernails, she feels so glamorous.


Amy said...

That Eleanor! She is really something. I love your family. Please don't ever stop posting. Please? Even when you are super busy with number 3, who always gets the raw deal in the recording of memories.

Amy said...

And nice cutting and drawing for barely 3!

Somaiyya said...

I am cry.

ramblin'andie said...


Pam said...

I am also just about cry.