Friday, June 02, 2017

Baby deets

I'm So! Let's see. I'm due around Christmas, but will have a c-section earlier than that. So I'm about 11 weeks now. I nap a lot! Napping is the worst, I don't care who says different. Saying, Oh, I had a three-hour nap this afternoon! sounds so luxurious because it implies that you have all this free time and you can just waste a chunk of it, but I don't have all this free time, I have boxes that need unpacking and I hate yielding up an hour of my afternoon because I'm so tired.

But anyway. A baby! And my last one, so I get through the exhaustion and the nausea and tell myself it's the last time. Everyone else is getting so big. Eleanor has lost two teeth!

And she's starting kindergarten in the fall (how?) and Geneva starts preschool (HOW THOUGH) and so it'll just be me and the baby, rattling around in this house. Maybe I can unpack then.

Josie always told me to wait a while before having a third, because then my two older kids could play together, and this is longer than I intended to wait but here we are, and all my kids want to do is go off and read together.

I'm over here, making dinner, and they're over there having a book club and no one is hanging off my leg going 'Pick me uppppp pick me up pick me up.'

Sometimes things are so good that we can't believe we're starting again at Square One, but other times things are so good that we're thrilled to be pouring in one more. I will say, the body really leans into that third pregnancy


Pam said...

Oh, what lovely news! I had three (wanted four, but didn't get the cooperation) with twenty-one months between the first two (girls) and then three years two months between the second and third (boy). It worked well!

We've been looking at similar pictures of Daughter 2's baby, due October. So exciting.

trish said...

I have the same attitude about naps (and sleep in general), though my body has insisted I sleep more lately, so I do.

I'll admit, sometimes I look at my third and think, you know, if it wasn't for you, we wouldn't be buying diapers anymore! But also, if it wasn't for him, I wouldn't see my oldest interact with the baby in a way that makes me want to weep with happiness.