Saturday, July 22, 2006

i just downloaded picassa...

and it has a 'blog this' option, so i'm testing it out. BLOG THIS!!!

tres cute, n'est pas?

friday night the boys go to someone else's house because it's p'ganniga's night off (and mine too, i guess), but it's been a busy week and i missed them, so i went with, and the family we were staying with has four young children of the rowdy (read: pinchy stompy bitey screamy runny-away) variety, and bless the boys, they're all like tiny dads, and you know when an old mama dog has pups bouncing all over her and nipping at her tail and whatall and she just carries on with what she's doing and occasionally picks one up and deposits it out of her way...that's what this reminded me of. add to that the fact that we had the baby, and we went bowling on friday and swimming on was a valiant but weary bunch that i brought home saturday night.

apila eats and sleeps all the time. we're feeding him twice as much as they said to (shhhhh), and he scarfs it down...we're hoping he'll put on some flesh. pray that both the babies (apila and supakit) work the HIV out of their system, and that either their moms claim them again, or relinquish their rights so that they can be adopted out (if the moms don't relinquish their rights, but don't want them themselves, then they just languish in government orphanages until their bitter and resigned coming-of-age, and this happens WAY more often than it should). and keep praying for our five boys to be healed. and that i finish strong...a month from now i'll be heading into bangkok, and flying out the next day...i don't want to spend my last month here with my soul in canada. Posted by Picasa


boo said...

I clicked on that colorful item at the end of your blog and it sent me to a cult-de-sac (yeah ha-ha i probably spelled that wrong, shut up) of vibrant nothingness. There wasn't even a bike path to lead me out, blessed little white 'x' in red box at the top right side of the screen. I wish all situations had that quick-fix 'x'.
We leave a peice of ourselves where ever we go, regardless of wanting to. It is up to us to place potential into that lingering peice of self: it can either shrivel up and rot creating a sour memory in the minds of others, or it can blossom into inspiration for others to continue on.
much love to my sister of one

alan.schram said...

I just downloaded Picasa. It's pretty sweet. I'm going to see what it can really do over the next few days.