Tuesday, July 11, 2006

photo blog

for those of you too lazy to hit up the photo link to your right, here are some pics from this weekend. mum, you've been asking for a pic of p'ganniga, well here she is, the sweetest, sassiest thai lady around...
and here she is playing a rousing game of uno with a load of thai children....i desparately wish i had a good camera, my indoor pictures are horrible.

our room (bun's, golf's, jun's and mine) was party central all weekend because we have all the games. 7:15 a.m. tuesday morning, i had nine children in the room.

here's a stalky-eyed bug. i have nothing pleasant to say about this bug, except that he had the decency to be outside so that i could get a good shot of him.

here's addison (who's 14) and little game (who's 11)...

and here's me teaching the youngest s-p some new tricks

i'm glad you all could participate in this weekend with me.


mum said...

Luuuuvvv all the pix! I go backwards on your "my Thailand photos." Your father and I are so proud that you have been able to incorporate such mesmerizing eye-skills... your talent is totally under-rated my dearie.

And yes... I noticed that things had gotten quite quiet. Almost called to make sure you are okay... such a bonus to get 3 blogs in one fell swoop!

PS... Pinky Pirate is doing well and is burn'n her candle at both ends... Arrrr

PSS... Pinky got a message from Jack Sparrow this morning along with a treasure map... what a hit! I'll send you a pix.

alan.schram said...

<3 the eyes.

Good to see you're leaving your impression in Thailand.. Raych-style.

Robyn Bishop said...

I, like your mother, am also glad that you are okay. I was worried that you had disappeared from Thailand or that some crazy Thai monster had dragged you off into the woods. Do they have woods in Thailand?
And don't worry, even though you felt like you were useless at the camp, God wanted you there for a reason and He used you somehow I'm sure.
Rachel, I miss you! Enough is enough, you should come home soon.

Anonymous said...

Your mom sent me your blog link in the context of catching me up with all things Plett, and I thought I'd pop in and have a look. Turns out you're a writer. Quel fun! I enjoyed the prose, the photos, and the spirit that shines through both. Cheers to you, Rachel!

Best regards,

John Caspar

boo said...

you should write a book, really, and then give all the proceits (i'm sure that's spelled wrong, let me use a smaller word) then give all the cash you make from it to the orphanage, or something. you should talk to uncle Mike and Ann (his wife) about what they do, since they seem to get along with this sort of thing as their full time life. what you are doing doesn't seem that different from them. much love to my sister of one.

PS - mom initially wanted to name her parat after herself "pinky parat" which is fairly egotistical, don't you think? What a megalowmaniac. I joke, of course. Mom's pirate outfit looks top-a-tha-line.

PSS - I was eyeing your long pillow the other day. it may or may not be here when you get back

Michael said...

I admit, I've been too lazy (except once or twice) to click the link for the photos, so I appreciate the effort here! For what it's worth, I check every day too, even though my own postings are few and far between so far. Once a week, or every two. Anways, keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

I have to admit, I was less worried that had been dragged off into the thai woods, and more disapointed that you had not written. This is part of my daily routine.....and it wasn't the same without my daily dose of Rachel. I am content now. * sigh of relief *