Thursday, July 13, 2006

my shins are sweating

ok, the internet at both colette's cafe and the church is down, and since i'm currently paying a whopping 20 baht/hour (which is all of 60 cents) and sweating out my impurities in an un-air-conditioned attic in order to write this blog, i will keep it short. i can't post any pictures since i'm not on my computer, but i will try to lure you to my photo blog with the assurance that it contains TWO pictures of the stalky-eyed bug. anyway, i just wanted to say thanks to anyone and everyone who reads and comments, and makes me feel a teeny bit linked to home. robyn, dearest, i'll be home soon. forty-something days, not that i'm counting. joel, babe, if you read these things, you should post the odd comment now and then in order to get credit for your endeavors. mum, everyone thinks your piratey costume is ship shape (hee hee) and that you are a hilarious mum.
speaking of pirates, does anyone know where fort york is? because they have a pirate festival from august 19 to sept 4...and that just might be my dream come true.


Nater said...

Yarr, Sweaty Shins of the Westerly Gales, you best be googling Fort York to be finding it in Toronto. Seems that this site be where the Canadians based operations against the Yanks in the war of 1812. Some say yon Arrogant Worms had much to say on said topic. Now, me barnacles need to be crustified, see you on the morrow.

Jerami said...

hey ms. pez dispenser,

just wanted to say hey, i'm reading your blog and enjoying hearing about your adventures and all of that. if i were more of a praying man, i would be praying for you more than i do now, but perhaps the knowledge that i'm behind what you're doing 100% will suffice for now... and know that freshwind (full of better pray-ers than i) is behind you and praying too. look forward to seeing you again one day.