Friday, September 22, 2006


with the help of a random comment from alan on how to post videos on my blog (i was not aware that i wanted to know how to do this, but the more skills i have, the higher my dowry, so here goes), i will be making my blogvideoposting debut. i have no intentions of becoming the next jer vis (who, for the uninformed, posts funny videos blogly [that is to say, every blog]), but i do sometimes come across a video that tickles me on the inside. this is one...

ok, that didn't work. my 'copy' won't copy the entire 'embed' code, and so 'paste' only pastes the first fraction, and my 'html cannot be accepted: tag is broken' so now you will all be left wondering which video i thought was so hilarious.

in other news, the advantages of being a 'grown-up,' according to one of my boys, are as follows: you get to drink coffee, you get to fly on a plane by yourself, and you get to get married and have a cake. enjoy your perks, friends.

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Jerami said...

if you were ever on msn i could give you the step by step, theres an easier way then the embed trick.

also, suggest some novels for me to read. i just read The Princess Bride (The Good Parts version) and am part way through count of monte cristo. i feel like i've been given a new lease on... novel reading. i'm not as slow a reader as i once thought i was... or used to be... this is turning into a totally unrelated comment that should be an email. ohhhhh well. come to freshwind soon. soup sunday is coming!!