Wednesday, September 27, 2006

my God is bigger than your HIV

ok, i was just starting a post about how i had my first really good shift at red robin today, and how that balanced out the fact that one of my kids threw rocks at me and kicked me and spit at me today, but this just in:

apilak and supakit (you remember them, right? skinny baby, fat baby, thai, HIV positive?) have both just tested negative for HIV.

THAT'S RIGHT, THEY DON'T HAVE HIV!!! their blood came back clean!!!!!

they're getting re-tested in six weeks just to make sure, but they're clean!!! they're healed!

amen praise God glory halleluiah.


Robyn Bishop said...


Anonymous said...

Wow!! HOLY amazing!!

Hannah said...

That's great!!!! What happens for them now? How exciting for you and all who love them

Bid said...

wow. That's super exciting to hear.