Monday, February 12, 2007

coles notes

this weekend i:

got chased by a goose

was thrown a wedding shower

received two crock pots

was served breakfast in bed

went to five different video stores looking for 'dirty work' with norm macdonald. worth every penny

switched to the new blogger. they kept hounding me, and finally there was no 'skip this and go on to dashboard' button. i feel coerced.


Anonymous said...

and I had to eat all that gum!
My teeth still hurt.

Miranda said...

Sounds very busy.

I hated the pressure from the new blogger too, I caved. I find that its not too bad, except when downloading from picasa pictures. They dont work :(

Skittles said...

I switched way before they said it was going to be mandatory. Congrats on the upcoming wedding! Thanks for dropping by.