Wednesday, February 07, 2007

stapletation: subsection A

as an appendix to my last post, allow me to flash back to about two weeks ago.

on her way home from school, my sister stopped by the staples to get some prints put on transparencies for a class presentation. the exchange went thusly:
boo: can i get these prints put onto some transparencies?
staples guy: do you want them in color or in black-and-white?
aside: the prints were in b&w
boo, jocularly: well, black-and-white, unless you can get color out of these.
staples guy, straight-faced: no.
staples guy walks away, boo is left in the awkwardness of the moment.

less than an hour later, on my way home from work, i stopped by the staples to ask the self-same staples guy about getting invitation photos printed. the exchange went thusly:
me: *some long and convoluted question about printing 4x4 prints*
sssg: *some long-winded answer*
me: *some quasi-funny crack that i really don't remember, and i swear i would put in it here if i did and any look back at this blog's history will reveal that i have no problem putting my stupid comments down in print, but i really can't remember what i said. i just know that it wasn't over-funny, but it was something that a polite salesperson would usually chuckle at, because i am the customer, and i am always right. and funny.*
sssg: *straight-faced, uncomprehending, unlaughing answer*
staples guy walks away, i am left in the awkwardness of the moment.

i get home, boo and i swap stories. we laugh. she goes downstairs to print something. the printer beeps.

father: welp, out of toner. guess we'd better head to staples.
boo: eep. and i have more pictures i need printed.
me: eep. and i forgot to ask the staples guy something.

we go to staples. boo and i wait in line, have awkward conversation with sssg, hope he doesn't recognize us as those two girls who were trying (on separate occasions) to be funny, and then i go home and tell joel. he laughs. joel loves few things more than an awkward moment.

(see also: boo's comment on my last post)

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