Saturday, February 17, 2007

engagement photos

aPPARently, flickr will only let you upload 200 photos per account, unless you upgrade to the pro (ie. paid-for) account. which i won't.

solution? set up multiple accounts for multiple photo sets. so here are joel and my engagement photos, taken my my sister (who's other photography can be found here). the first seven are the ones she liked best, and spent time photoshopping zits (joel's) and wrinkles (mine) out of. the rest are ones i thought were cute. particularly the one of us jumping as high as we can (i didn't include the one where joel jumped so high that his shoe flew off, because i have chins [plural] in that one). i also like the ones with the shopping cart, because i think my hair looks kind of fabulous in them, not all dampness-frizz-chic like most of the other ones.


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Ms. M. said...

I love your engagement pictures! I think the first one (where you two are on the left side with the trees in the background) is my favourite. My next favourite is the second to last one (with a close up of your faces in front of the tree). I know people just say this type of thing, but I truly mean it: you two look so nice together! Happy engagement!