Saturday, February 17, 2007


so, i really and truly meant to have a new post for you today about books that i have read and what i have thought of them, but it's saturday, and i cleaned my room and spent four hours scanning and sorting photos and walked up to the mall in the rain and didn't get what i needed and did some half-assed pilates and some laundry and had a shower, and i was going to come sit down at the ole compy about an hour ago, but then my sister and i got caught up in a conversation about our farts (to which my mother politely listened) and how she (my sister) let loose a tiny tester-fart on the bus today and, relieved to find that it didn't smell, released the fart entire, only to have it hang like a noxious cloud for the remainder of the trip, and how my biggest pet peeve with joel isn't actually his inopportune farting (though i sort of do hate that), but that that is easier than explaining my real pet peeve, which is when he puts the bony tops of his feets on the bony tops of my feets (or any of my bony parts, like shins), because then people ask, how does that happen, and the truth is that it happens more often than you'd notice, unless the bony tops of feets really bothers you, and then it drives you crazy, and THAT is the real issue here.

and it's ten o'clock, and that is the time that i start getting ready for bed.

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alan.schram said...

By the way, I think you mentioned this in your blog, according to Wikipedia The Princess Bride is entirely Goldman's work, and there is no such person as S. Morgenstern.

Which, of course, just makes what he did even more brilliant.