Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Because I'm a bad person, and these are the things I think about when I'm supposed to be studying

Ok, it’s Make Fun of People I Hardly Know time.

There’s this fellow in my one class with carefully-sculpted facial hair and a tanlines too sharply delineated to be believed. He’s that guy who’s desperate for the prof to notice him, notice how smart and insightful he is, how vast his life experience. The guy who full-body nods when the prof is like, 'Has anyone ever been to Peru/ridden one of those mechancial bulls/eaten daisies?' I mean, I'm all for aligning myself with the Charles In Charge, laughing at their jokes, putting in my two cents when I think I have something to say so that I'll get my 10% participation mark. I understand that once you've made yourself the Golden Child, you can pretty much do no wrong when it comes to most professors, and you can kick back and enjoy the rest of your semester. But when every question propels your hand into the air for its crazy-wave of desperation, when half the things that come out of your mouth begin with 'This one time I/in my experience/I know this guy who' (which all roughly translate as 'I promise this will tie loosely into the discussion somewhere, and will also make me look really, really cool'), when even a BookNerd McKeener like me is giving you the old fisheye, it is time to get yourself some blasé. And a hobby.

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Rebekah said...

"There is one person in every group of friends that nobody likes. You basically keep them there to hate their guts. When that person is not there around your little base camp, your hobby is cutting that person down. Example, Karen is always a douche bag. Every group has a Karen, and shes ALWAYS a bag of douche! until she walks up and your like, "Hey KAAARR..What's up KAAARR.." And I am looking out, and some of you are like mmmmm I disagree. ..Well you're that person...You're the person no one likes."

the fellow you speak of reminds me of this.