Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Summer fruit!! Cure what ails ya.

I made Pad Thai for supper on Sunday, and I don't want to talk about it very much because just thinking about it makes me want to throw up in my mouth a little bit, but it was with a sauce I got from Superstore that smelled a little dodgy, and some suspiciously cheap shrimp. Suffice it to say that it gave me and Joel both a little bit of a stomach bug.

So I was doing a little barfy mcbarf Monday morning, having forgotten that I'd had a handful of blackberries an hour or so before, and wondering if I was puking up blood (scary! gross! informative!), and mourning, because Joel and I were going into Burnaby for my mom's birthday, and there would be chicken wings. So I didn't eat anything for the rest of the day, hoping that loads of water and some sweet Cultus Lake sunning would purge my system. (As an aside, on the way back from Cultus we stopped at one of the innumerable fruit barns because I'd been asked to bring a salad. Joel laughed when he found out that my salad was corn. H'anyways, the two girls that I was with bought a $5 little basket of blackberries. BLACKBERRIES! Why, I asked, would you spend money on blackberries when you can pick them for free IN THE DITCH! EVERY DITCH!)

So we made it into Burnaby, and I was able to gorge myself on chicken wings and corn, and this tomato salad my sister had made which reeked of vinegar but tasted fabulous, and my brother had bought two blueberry pies from White Spot. Now, I don't know of anything good to come out of White Spot except for these pies, but MAN! It's less a pie, and more a crust filled with fresh blueberries that have been tossed in a bit of a glaze. Nummmm. And because it's (almost) all fruit, and because seven people go into two pies 1/4 times, we each ate ourselves a quarter of a pie without batting an eyelash.

Today I bought ten pounds of blueberries, which I am going to (mostly) freeze, along with the four pounds of cherries I bought yesterday, and the pound of raspberries. I am also going to give myself the runs.

Gorge yourselves, friends. Summer fruit season is almost over, and then you'll be returned to your mediocre apples and oranges, and ill-fated Asian experimental dishes.

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Hannah said...

We took a Thai cooking class once and made Pad Thai (veggie style I think) - no store bought sauces. If you want to recipe let me know and I'll find it for you :)