Friday, February 29, 2008


Ok, there are tons more things that I hate, among them:

going grocery shopping late at night so that all that's left is the reject-produce,
people who walk slowly (particularly in tight areas such as hallways or anywhere if they're fat),
parents who give their children 'interesting' names,
people with interesting names who get upset when you mispronounce them,
poor tippers,
everyone in my Phil 100 class except for the girl who sits on my left,
light purple,
old coffee,
coming out of a Subway smelling like Subway,
A Million Little Pieces,
high-pitched voices that get even higher when they're upset/excited/talking,
and the Philadelphia Flyers.

I have to catch the greyhound now (which is filed under 'Things that stress me out a little' and gets moved over to 'Things I hate' pretty often), so I don't have time to reel you out of that hate-spiral myself. Instead, go check out this list of stuff that, because I'm white, I like. If you, too, are white, then you, too, will like them. I'm not even joking.

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Anonymous said...

My name is Raych
And I'm a hater!
If you don't like it
Smell you later!

I read somewhere, I think in Oprah, that focusing on negative things, like things you hate, is really good for you. No, maybe that wasn't what it said.

Now I'd like to see three posts about things you love, and for every hater word you wrote, you must write the equivalent of THREE lover words.
Better get to work darlin.
October November December