Tuesday, July 01, 2008

total parasites

Ok, so we moved all our junk out yesterday, and MAN it took ages. You've moved, you know. Last night we slept over in our suite (on the floor with our sleeping bags, like we've been doing for days now) because it's WAY cooler than my in-laws place, where we'll be living until we fly to Mexico.

Today we scoured the suite from top to bottom, and I can't tell you the pain I'm in just typing this because my fingertips are shredded raw from all the bleach. Anyhoo, we rented a carpet cleaner that the person who rented it (Joel) and no other has to bring back to the Superstore he rented it from (in Abbotsford) and nowhere else, and with one thing and another (i.e. burgers and wine) we ended up here until after Superstore was closed. Hwoops.

Our options, then, were to drive to Chilliwack, sleep there, and drive the cleaner back in the morning OR SLEEP OVER AT OUR LANDLORDS'! So we've moved out, except that we're still here. Also, as of tonight, we sleep here rent-free. And in their guestroom instead of on our floor.

My fingers feel like bee stings.

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