Wednesday, August 06, 2008

blogger needs a punch in the face.

I was going to post a photo of Joel quite precariously close to a wild dolphin, but blogger is again being a douche. Check Facebook for dolphin awesomeness.

The dolphin encounter resulted from our frequent beachings. Alyson's awesome parents are down here doing a house-build, and Tom likes to get cracking early (like, 8:30) and knock off after lunch to hit the beach for the rest of the day. Surprisingly, we're actually ahead of where we were this time last house-build, and we've painted the entire interior (which was tedious and sweaty until they cut out some windows, at which point it was simply tedious). The house is a lovely lavender. I will have photos.

Last night we went to the campos, which is where the field workers and their enormous families live. Children are treasured immensely in Mexico, which is awesome, but they're treasured to the point where everyone wants to have as many as they can, regardless of whether they can feed and clothe them or not (hint: most of them can't). It's sad and sort of angryifying to see so many ragged children running around when, dude, just have fewer of them. You'll still be a field worker living in a plastic-bag-house, but at least your child will have pants.

I am le starved. I am getting le fat because we eat lunch at the house-builds (today? Deep fried fish-tacos!!) and supper at the base (yesterday? Greasy-good enchiladas!!). We come home a week tomorrow. I am both excited and sad.

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