Monday, August 04, 2008


Pre-blog essplanation: I had photos for all these things, but blogger is being a douche. Said photos should be up on Facebook soonly, but I don't have time to rewrite this post. Is ok.

Ok, so very quickly because supper is shortly, we went camping under a volcano on Friday. The road was mad sandy and only one of our vehicles had 4-wheel drive, so the other one got stuck. Often.

I did many dangerous things on that trip, including eat fresh mussels...

feed my finger to a sea anemone...

and try to hike the volcano in flip flops. I made it halfway before the smooth, steep rock face covered in loose gravel sent me back. Joel survived, but barely.

There are no good pictures of the crater, or whatever the top scoopy bit of a defunct volcano is called, but we climbed down in it and there was (oddly) a cool draft coming from what should be red hot magma. Huh.

On Sunday we went to Ensenada and did the touristy thing, like check out the giant golden heads. Also, I bought a poncho. Please don't judge me.

Hrmmmmm, I need to go upload photos onto Facebook. Adios.

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