Friday, August 01, 2008

Reverse tubal ligations for everyone!!!

Joel and I got to observe a surgery!!! Check it out, we are doctors!!

I didn't bring my camera into surgery, don't be gross. Also, in interest of not being gross, I will try to avoid going into detail. Also, Joel looks like Sub-Zero, no?

Ok, so the local poor-people hospital let us come in and watch a woman get her tubes untied (apparently a lot of Mexican women will do this because their husbands will leave them and they'll get new ones, and the new ones will want children). Joel's not technically in med school yet, and I'll never be in med school, but this bothers no one. The doctors were super jolly and the nurse brought us a stool we could stand on so we could see things, and the surgeons would hold up inside-bits and explain what they were doing and then Joel would get off the stool and I would get on and they'd explain again. Nice people.

I was kind of nervous, because you're never sure what you'll do when you're watching a human being be carved up like so much meatloaf. But lo and behold! Surgery is interesting! And fun!

When they first cut her open, they stuffed all these hand-towels into her abdominal cavity, to staunch the bleeding I assume. I'd totally forgotten about them, and then all of a sudden at the end they're pulling out towel after towel, like some sort of magic trick. But a creepy, bloody one.

Afterwards, the one surgeon was all, That was a pretty quiet surgery. You all should be in here when we're doing a C-section! There's people running everywhere and blood all over the place and then all of a sudden we pull out a baby!!

I think I'll spare you everything else (shall we say that fatty tissue is nasty, and leave it at that?). We plan on heading back for more (come on C-section!!) if we get the chance. Vive los countries without rules and/or privacy issues!!

Please excuse us now while we go camp under some volcanos.

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