Tuesday, September 02, 2008

And then there were cats.

Ok, so there was this enormous cat in Mexico that Joel totally loved, so you can imagine how stoked he was when we got to our new place in Vancouver only to find that the cat had followed us there (this giant fatty is exactly what our landlords' cat looks like). He's left the cat-door between our two places unlocked since we moved in so that the cat could come in if it liked.
This afternoon, while Joel was gone, the cat stopped by for a little visit. Joel was crushed to have missed it.
Now, at the risk of becoming that lady who only talks about her cats, please go watch this video. I'm serious. If you do nothing else for me as long as you live, watch this, at least until about the 25-second mark. I promise, you will die.


Sarah G said...

WHOA. That churning mass of cat freaked me out. As did the crazy cat lady's fake hair.

trish said...

Oh. my. god. *shiver*

leah said...

eeeeewwwwww!! (in the highest pitch, girlie ewwww i can muster...) that is effing gross