Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Some people....

I'm on the bus today going to the library (this always dilemmas me because I have to take 2 buses to get there, each one for maybe three minutes, and I always feel so dumb getting off RIGHT AFTER I've gotten on, but it would take over half an hour to walk there and it's all uphill. Such is life) and this woman who gets on at the same stop as me is all, Can you open a window? to me, and then to this other lady, You need to open a window. We need some air. And in my mind I'm thinking, Why don't you open your own damn window? The bus is totally un-full, and there are many windows you could open besides this one I'm sitting next to.

But it's one of the new buses and they have wacky windows and I don't know how to open it, and I'm only on the bus for a few minutes besides (see above), so eventually I'm all, Sorry, can't do it. And I sit down and wait the two seconds til we're at my stop and then I get off. This woman gets off at the same stop as me, which means that either the airless bus was killing her, or that she needed those windows open for all three minutes she was bussing.

H'ANYvays, so I'm trucking along and I hear, Excuse me! I turn, and it's this same lady. Where did you get your haircut! she says, but it's not like, Heyyyyyyyyyyyyy, nice hair! Where did you get it cut? It's more like, Where's the friggin cash register in this store! Like that. Also, I feel I need to add that I don't have a particularly great haircut right now. In fact, I have a fairly awful haircut that has grown out into a reasonable cut. Also, it was pulled back and therefore not visible.

In, uhhhhh, in Abbotsford, I say. So not here, she says. Uh....no. Abbotsford is neither here in Vancouver nor here on this street.

This appears to be all she wants from me, and she strides off, presumably in search of someone else with hair to ask where they got it cut. At least now she has fresh air.

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