Monday, September 01, 2008

Another in a long line of sum-ups

Whew, jeez. Long time to talk, and stuff. And there have been so many things this week that I've been all, I should blog that! But then I forget.

Like how the first week of med school is all scavenger hunts and group-charades and wine-and-cheese parties and then wham-o! On Friday you cut up bodies. Real ones. That used to be people.

Or how there are trails all through the UBC endowment lands that I've been jogging, and how there are also creeks all through said lands which means there are dozens of wooden bridges, and how someone needs to lay down some chicken wire on those bridges so they aren't quite so slick in the rain. I mean, I know, chicken wire is uggers, and when it's not raining the bridges are totally functional on their own, but as that French-Canadian fellow said to Robyn when she neglected to bring her rain gear to work based on the slim promise of a sunny morning, This is Vancouver.

And also how, often when I am jogging with my headphones in, and some song will start up that has talking at the beginning but I'll just hear voices in my ear and think someone is right behind me and scream! Except that two days ago I was jogging, and I heard a voice in my ear and thought it was just pre-song chatter but then something pulled up on my right and THERE IS A MAN ON A BIKE! And I screamed and he apologized, all, I've been trying to get your attention so I wouldn't scare you when I biked past you, and I'm all out of breath and adrenaline-sick because ack!

And how Joel and I watched the entire fourth season of 24 yesterday. We started at 5:00 am and went hard straight through and finished before 11:00 pm.

And how our tuition is due on Wednesday and our student loans should come through any second now...but maybe not before Wednesday, in which case...

That's all for now, kiddies. I'll try not to be so absent in the future.

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trish said...

How come the whole season of 24 only took you 18 hours? Really, there's 6 hours of commercials? That just seems wrong.

Dave and I started watching Mad Men the other day...4 episodes one day, 3 episodes the next. And I hope to convince him to watch at least 3 more tonight. I love blasting through a season!